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Harsh Environment Waterproof Connectors, Industrial Protective Dust Cap Covers, Mil Spec Sealed Interconnects

Waterproof Connectors and Protective Dust Caps - Harsh Environment Applications

Harsh environment waterproof connectors and industrial / military grade protective dust cap covers are specially designed for the broadest range of harsh environment applications. The entire series offers rugged, compact, lightweight, sealed connectors and protective dust cap covers, ideally suited to withstand a variety of severe environmental, industrial and chemical conditions.

The products are perfectly suited for harsh environment applications where ruggedness and extreme reliability are paramount.  Made of special high resistant materials, our Mil Spec sealed interconnects are immune to even the toughest elements including, fog, salt spray, dust, sand, and moisture, and are able to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations.  With high shock and vibration resistance, our harsh environment connectors, protective caps and interconnect systems offers an effective solution to any critical harsh environment, industrial, military and aerospace application.

Protective Dust Cap Covers for Plugs - Plug

Mil Spec Dust Cap Covers for - Receptacles - Receptacle

Dummy Receptacles or Storage Receptacles

Mil Spec Sealed Interconnects


Harsh Environment Dust Caps for PugsOur protective dust cap covers are available for both plug and receptacle connectors. Our Mil Spec Dust Cap Covers protect the mating surfaces of the connector from physical damage and seal the connector / interconnect system against particle and moisture contamination.  Applications span across industries, the military, and aerospace.


Harsh Environment Dust Caps for ReceptaclesDummy Receptacles are devices used to protect a disconnected plug from physical damage as well as from fog, salt spray, dust, sand, and moisture contamination. Attaching unused cables to Dummy Receptacles fully protects plugs and their mating surfaces and contacts. Our Mil Spec sealed interconnects and protective dust cap covers are ideally suited to withstand severe environmental, industrial and chemical conditions.


Harsh Environment Flange GasketsHarsh Environment Flange Gaskets

Flange gaskets are available in Neoprene, Viton, Silicone, Conductive Silicone, Fluorosilicone. Connector Flange Gaskets are ideal for harsh environment sealed interconnects providing secure sealing and protection from moisture and particle intrusion into your equipment.

Developed for aerospace, automotive, and telecommunication applications, our harsh environment flange gaskets retain their shielding effectiveness after exposure to high/low humidity and temperature cycles as well as salt/fog environments. :

Spacecraft-Certs-2019 Horz

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